Doors opening time: 6.00 pm

Show starting time: 8.30 pm


Box office – via Volterrana 306/308, località La Sterza, in front of the restaurant “Da Pasquino” – Lajatico.


Opening hours:



The holders of the Vivaticket voucher, that didn’t request the shipment of ticket/s at home while purchasing the ticket/s on the vivaticket website, have to convert their voucher with the entrance ticket for the show by exhibiting the purchase order and a valid ID at the box office which will be specially set up in Lajatico at La Sterza, via Volterrana 306/308, in front of the restaurant “Da Pasquino”.

We would like to remind you that this operation is essential to enter the theatre!

If you are the ticket holder and cannot attend the event, or a different person will collect the tickets for you, it is necessary that the person collecting the tickets must have:

– Your written proxy authorizing them to collect the tickets

– photocopy of your valid identity document

–  the order confirmation you received via e-mail

–  their own identity document to proof that the name you have indicated in the proxy corresponds to the person that will pick up the tickets. 


For security reasons and to protect physical integrity, if you are pregnant or injured, you should not attend the event, in case, pregnant woman or injured persons decide to be present at event, we would like to advise that they will be doing so at their own risk, without any liability on part of City Sound.

In case pregnancy that has been discovered, or injuries that have occurred after the date of purchase of the tickets of the event, it is not permitted to replace or refund the purchased tickets, nor will it be possible to sit in a different place from the one indicated on the purchased ticket.

  • Access Executive Tickets

All those who have purchased an Executive ticket, to access the parking reserved to them (Executive Parking), have to drive to the La Mandriola road exiting the state highway 439 (see map below).

La Mandriola road will be supervised by our control service which will allow the transit to all those who will show the executive ticket and bracelet.

The Executive Parking is at the end of the Mandriola road (about 1,5 km). Our staff will coordinate and make parking easier for all the cars allowed in this area.

The same procedure is applied to all the cars with driver and the vans carrying clients with executive tickets.

The access will not be allowed to buses.

Access to La Mandriola will be allowed from 5:00pm on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th July 2019. 


  • Access for Tickets of all the other sectors 

There are two options to get to the Teatro del Silenzio:

Option 1: park your car in the parking lot set up in La Sterza and use the free shuttle buses provided by us.

The distance from the shuttle stop to the entrance of the Theatre is about 500 mt.

Shuttle buses will be available also for the return at the end of the show.

In the parking of La Sterza you can park since the morning, while the shuttle bus service will operate from 5:00 pm.

Option 2: take the state highway 439 and take the San Giovanni road to Lajatico, which will be duly marked, follow the signs for the parking POGGIO AL LUPO situated in the hill below the Teatro.  The cost is 2 euros.

The distance from the parking to the entrance of Theatre is about 300mt.
The parking is open from 5:00 pm and is equipped with refreshment services and toilets.

N.B: If you do not know how to reach the Teatro del Silenzio you can contact our partner Eventi in Bus that for the occasion organizes bus transfer from all the main cities in Tuscany.

BUSES: Tourist buses with up to 54 seats with two axles will be allowed to park at the sports field in Lajatico meanwhile those with three axles are only allowed to park at the parking lot set up in LA STERZA and use the free shuttle buses provided by the organization. The distance from the shuttle stop to the theatre entrance is about 500 meters.

  • Access to the theatre for persons who have bought ticket reserved for person with disabilities

Disabled persons can come with their vehicles to the EXECUTIVE parking and leave the car there. (see map below)
Driving the state highway 439 the entrance to La Mandriola road will be duly marked. At the checkpoint, they will have to show the ticket and the confirmation mail received from City Sound that confirms the reservation in the area of the Teatro dedicated to them.
From the EXECUTIVE parking, Disabled persons will be transported by a vehicle provided by us to the area reserved for them.
Disabled persons will have access to La Mandriola starting from 5.00 pm.