City Sound & Events 

is pleased to announce

The 18th year of the Teatro del Silenzio

Thursday July 27 and SATURDAY 29, 2023 8:30 p.m.

The 18th year of the Teatro del Silenzio, the exclusive artistic event that comes to life every year on the hills of Lajatico in the province of Pisa, Maestro Bocelli’s hometown, has been confirmed for July 27 and 29, 2023. 

Bolstered by the resounding success of the previous year, City Sound & Events is celebrating the full relaunch of a show that has now ascended to become an unmissable artistic and cultural tradition: a virtuous Italian experience, one of the most celebrated musical events internationally, and an invaluable cultural resource with significant influence on tourism for the entire region. 


Indeed, after the years ravaged by the pandemic, the Teatro del Silenzio is back at full steam, selling out and eliciting an enthusiastic response from the critics and cosmopolitan audiences who packed the famous open-air arena.

Thus, at the height of summer 2023, the magic of a unique performance will take place again, under the artistic direction of Alberto Bartalini (co-creator of the event itself) and starring Andrea Bocelli. 

The most beloved Italian tenor in the world, supported by many famous artist friends and by the Teatro del Silenzio Orchestra, will put on an unforgettable evening.

It is an extraordinary and powerful emotion to see, every time, how several thousands of people converge from all over the world right here in my humble Lajatico, in this natural basin that will be returned to nature the next day, moved by their desire to share in an experience of good music and beauty,” said Maestro Bocelli, who also emphasized that “what is experienced with live performances, on stage but also in the audience, in terms of the intensity and quality of the exchange of energy that is set in motion, cannot be replaced by the virtual world. The 2022 edition has confirmed to us how much we need to come together, to be together and to get back to the arts and culture. Every year, the Teatro del Silenzio represents a new challenge because of its complexity and unconventionality. It is wonderful that another year of this event has been confirmed. It is a privilege to be able to set a date for July 27 next year, in the desire and certainty that we will experience an evening of great emotion together. If the spectators return home a little more serene, with a smile on their faces, well I will be a happy man, because I will have achieved what I set out do to”. 

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